With all the scientific developments and economic improvements, disabled persons are even now seen as an object with social stigma in our country. The discrimination and neglect continues and their rights are not recognized by the community and are denied opportunities and responsibilities. Serene Secular Social Service Society have initiated a program with an aim to achieve economic independence of women PWDS between   the age group of 14 to 20 in 15 villages in Sanarpatty block, Dindigul District.


  • Creation of awareness regarding the special rights and provisions for them in government schemes.
  • Conducting life coping skill training that ensures their confidence in place of the feeling of negligence.
  • Formation of PWD friendly team consisting of government employees of concerned department, elected representatives of local self government and administrative personnel.
  • mportance of education for a self sustained life is taught to them who are above 18 years of age.
  • Education support is rendered and it is also extended to the Children of PWDs.
  • Help them in formation of self sustainable groups among PWDs with the minimum strength of 5 members. The major issues addressed in the formation of SSGs are

    Teaching the importance of saving.

    Training the skills of group accounting.
  • The major drawback of PWDs in everyday life is their dependence on others economically. So our major activity is rural employment skill training. Among various trainings the two important skills taught are

    Tailoring and embroidery skills.
    Greeting card making
  • Union is strength. Their voice would sound aloud if they form a federation rather than being separate groups. So a federation of SSG was formed.
  • Micro-Credit facility is being provided to them to establish their our business after the employment skill training. Microcredit is availed through two means. One is being availed through our seed money and the other by linking them with the government schemes.
  • Continuous advocacy lobbying with governments’ concerned departments for efficient implementation of government schemes.
  • Our society is in the transitional stage and hence mental revolution would be very gradual. Understanding this, continuous follow-up in their family to identify problems is done along with counseling.

Achievements :

As a result of continuous and determined work about 150 members were being identified as beneficiaries.

Life coping skills were provided to them and now there are about 7 SSGs groups consisting of 50 members.

About 30 members were provided micro credit facilities to do their self employment after completing employment training skills.

There is an improvement in their income generating skills and the habit of saving is being promoted.

The beneficiaries are helped to open and operate their own bank accounts.

Helped them to receive the identity cards issued by the government for special people and bring them to the mainstream development activities of the government schemes.

Above all they had overcome the suppression experienced for life time and they had got perseverance to stand on their own rather than depending on other. They are made self-sustainable citizens.