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Mama Cash

In the year 2009, there was big issue on the bonded labors working at the textile mills where the adolescents were denied of their scheme amount and the due salary. Serene Secular Social Service Society found none to take up this issue in Dindigul district due to which SSSSS had the need to concentrate on this target group for their rights and development.

The adolescents and the young women who were deprived of their rights and wages in the textile mills were given solidarity through Mama Cash for their development. It is the ideology of Mama Cash to bring the adolescents and the young women as a forum. SSSSS was given an opportunity to work for this target group for three years during which they are formed as women forum into state level. This is the first women trade union and the credit belongs to Mama Cash. The adolescents are supported for their empowerment through capacity building trainings, awareness programs and exposure visits. There are 2031 members in this union and they are known as Young Women’s Association.

The textile workers are the adolescents and young women who drop out from school and get into the mills with the attraction of the lump sum money. 1 kg of cotton is Rs.30/- to 60/- and when it turns as thread it costs Rs. 600/- but when it becomes a cloth it multiples to many folds. The village cotton goes in the form of garment to foreign and now there are many foreign agencies and political persons hold and have the textile mills. Mama Cash has a credit in bringing the issues of our target group to the international level in bringing success legally.

Through Young Women’s Association, we are able to reach out to the nations and keep demands on the rights of the adolescents and young women who work in the textile industries. We need to march along quiet further with the target group to make Young Women’s Association sustainable and to stand on their own for claiming their rights and to empower themselves to the maximum.

Geneva Global

This is an ongoing project of SSSSS which helps our target group in awareness and sensitization, empowerment of the adolescents, Formation and strengthening community based organization and mechanism, Support to women survivors/ Victims and vulnerable families. We hope to win together in achieving the project targets for the development and empowerment of the adolescents and young women working at the textile industries.