Our Demands

  • We demand that the Sumangali scheme/ Camp Coolie System to be eradicated in Tamil Nadu and the children below 18 years should be rehabilitated and united with their parents
  • The workers who have completed 480 days of work in two years at the mill should be made permanent as per the Tamil Nadu industrial establishment Act, 1981.
  • No children under 14 years of age should be employed as Apprentice and child labors below the age of 14 should be viewed seriously by the District Administration.
  • The existing contracts of girl workers should be made null and void and make them as legal workers according to law.
    Establish workers committee with due representation from all sections of employees and Overtime wages and minimum wages need to be regularized.
  • A monitoring committee should be executed including Trade Unions, PRI members and women activists to oversee the performance and inspect the facilities provided in Hostels.
  • We demand to have a complaint committee that should be adequate of either NGO or other body who is familiar with the issue including the maintenance of confidentiality.
  • The central government should make necessary in the RTE (Right to Education Act) to expand its scope so as to cover the children between 15 and 18, as defined by the UN convention on the child Rights.
  • Our demand is that all forms of camp labor system such as sumangali scheme or Mankalya Thittam or “Thirumagal Thirumana Thittam” or in any other names should be banned as these schemes exploit and affect the life of thousands of poor rural adolescent girls.
  • The campaign insists that the copies of the signed contracts between the workers and the mill owners should be given to the workers and to the trade union leaders.
  • As per the factories Act 1948, all workers in textile and garment units should be given Proper identity card, copy of the agreement, pay slip, ESI card insurance cover and they must be allowed to take the same along with them, when they leave the factories.
  • The campaign demands that anti-sexual harassment committees with due women representation must be formed at all work places, where women work and the same must be monitored, as per the Supreme Court guidelines in vaisaka judgement.
  • There must be proper monitoring of other committees such as grievance or internal complaint committee, health and safety committee, canteen committee, as per the factories Act 1948.
  • All labor benefits and privileges enjoyed by the workers of Textile Corporation should be given to all mill workers in private mills.
  • As per the trade union Act 1926, all registered trade unions should be allowed to function freely and to engage in collective bargaining fruitfully.
  • The centre and the state should take effective steps to explore possibilities on alternate employment opportunities for rural work force with the local resources, including strengthening to urban centers be stopped and their livelihood rights are ensured.
  • The campaign demands that the government of Tamil Nadu should constitute district level monitoring committee under the chairmanship of district collectors, with the participation of civil society organizations working for labor rights, child rights and women empowerment, this committee should inspect all the textile mills.