• Establishing women’s Forum in 9 districts and in each district at least 100 women will be enrolled as members.
  • The women’s forum will be trained in legal rights and worker rights to increase their participation in the forum activities.
  • Leal case filing for sumangali workers who were not given the lump sum money as promised, workers met with accidents and health issues to receive compensation from employers.
  • Arranging exposure visits for Participants to gain more knowledge on women’s forum activities and apply the knowledge in managing the activities of the Forum.
  • Awareness creation in highlighting the issues of women workers to the public.
  • Arranging for Discussion and sharing of experience for a broader understanding of ground realities and creating avenues for possible change process.


  • Submitting Joint Memorandum to Government Authorities and key stakeholders for a policy level change in addressing the issues of women workers.
  • Enrolling 500 young women under unorganised labour welfare programs
  • Preparing IEC materials and distributing to women workers, public, community members and stakeholders for better understanding of the issue of women workers.
  • Bringing broader understanding of the issues and activities of women’s forum through sharing with Medias and websites.
  • Updating the current trends in sumangali scheme with the Forum members and stakeholders.



  • The formation of state level women’s forum
  • The withdrawal of 4 mills from practicing Sumangali System
  • Having influenced the political party to have our demand in their election manifesto
  • The agreement of a mill for our mandatory supervision to ensure no child labor in the mill
  • Availed government schemes in accessing 70 young women to get free sewing machine
  • Through our encouragement and motivation a mill worker Chithra became a traffic police in Dindigul
  • Three women of the forum won in the local panchayal election through our motivation

Other Activities

Micro Credit

Coming together is learning and living together is meaning of unity. We have formed about 664 members as SHGs (Self Help Groups) and JLGs (Joined Liberation Groups) which we have linked with the banks and they are availed Rs.66,20,000/- as loan and their repayments were 98% appreciable. This has developed the habit of savings among themselves and to help each others in their family for education and in emergency needs.

Environmental Concern

Not only we concentrate on sustainable livelihood but also we concentrate on sustainability of the environment in motivating the children and youth through the awareness programs and cultural events which bring motivation of loving and protecting the nature at all aspects. We conducted a campaign with 350 school children on protecting the nature in which they were pleased to raise slogans in holding the pluck cards on the roads and streets.