Serene Secular Social Service Society (SSSSS) is a non-profitable, non-political and secular voluntary organization, started by a team of social activities, with an aim of facilitating the process of social change and economic empowerment of rural poor.  The   organization was   promoted as a response to the growing marginalization of women in terms of rights and to find possible solution to the practices that adversely affect the rights of women.  Since its inception the organization has been working among the women, girl children and adolescent girls belonging to the Dalits and Tribal communities. Now SSSSS is engaged in women empowerment programmes by providing rights education, health education and livelihood support.

  • A boon of marriage was asked!
    A bane of disease was given!
  • A single mill becomes cluster of mills! How?
    The Technique is “Suck the energetic blood of adolescent girls”
  • One increased and other decreased multifold!
    Increased in size was owner’s purse and decreased was worker’s health!
  • A fly in 1000 dreams
    Though my life was a prison!
    A child labor.
  • A bargain with brokers,
    To pay for a life of slavery.
  • Education was paid to buy a bridal dream!
    Life was paid to make the dream come true!
  • Achievement in school is education!
    And that of worker in mill? Its tuberculosis.